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We Have A Recipe For Your Success


At Sloan Sales, we realize that our Customers’ and Principals’ success creates our Success.  To that end, we strive to offer Excellent Customer Service with Customer Service support before, during and after the sale of our products.  Good customer service means meeting expectations but Excellent customer service means exceeding them. We believe that offering Excellent Customer Service shows our Customers and Principals just how important they are to us. That is what we strive for.  


All of our customer service team members are full time, committed and highly trained in the Product Lines and Brands that they handle for Sloan Sales.  With this high level of service, we hope to convey to our Customers that Sloan Sales and our partnering Principals are very appreciative of their business.  


We have received much praise from our Customers and Principals alike for the level of service that we offer. We are extremely proud of our Customer Service Team at Sloan Sales.

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